Bali ytt January 2017

Bali ytt January 2017

Thank you to all the participants of our January YTT in Bali.

We all enjoyed a Sattvic environment and atmosphere and soaked up 25 days of practices.

The ensuing embodiment flowed easily into sharing and “teaching” the same practices.

Beautiful scenery, lovely facility staff, experienced teaching faculty.

Our 16 students were a joy, focused and self responsable, we could not ask for more.

We are looking forward to our upcoming trainings.

NZ training May 13 – June 3rd

Bali YTT June 20 – July 13th

Bali YTT January 6 – 28 2018

Every training like every class has to be adaptable to the needs of the specific group. Thats what makes the experience espescially alive every time.

Join us, or send a friend and receive a $300 commission for the successful referral !!

Steve and Geri



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