200 hour June Bali Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour June Bali Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour June Bali Yoga Teacher Training 2017 – COMPLETED

8 wonderful students showed up for this 200 hour June Bali Yoga Teacher Training and we had a great learning journey together. On and off the mat there was plenty to focus on as the group evolved from students grappling with moving to the front of the class.

We had students from Mexico, the USA, Turkey, England, Switzerland and South Africa. Teachers from New Zealand, India, Germany and Russia.

An international celebration of Yoga practices.

We are grateful for all the learning and contributions from teachers and students, and our hearts are warmed by the growth and depth that emerged through the training period.

Thank you yogis, thank you teachers. Thank you Guru Parampara, the lineage of teachers.

For this training we moved between 2 wonderful venues, in Canggu on the southern coast and inland to SIDEMEN valley in East Bali. Capturing the best of Bali and avoiding the touristic busyness. Students also enjoyed surfing and diving as well as waterfalls and massages. Bali really is a wonderful space to enjoy diversity in the space of a few kilometres.

The first week we celebrate Hatha practices and philosophy. The second week is the Body and Vinyasa. The third week we bring it all together with intense teaching and reviewing of the previous 2 weeks. In the end grounded practices are shared with confidance and fluid ease. A joy to behold.

Every day is a school day and the journey unfolds forever.

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