300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training New Zealand 7 Oct – 1 Nov 2024

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training New Zealand 7 Oct – 1 Nov 2024

A Transformative Yoga Teacher Training Experience

This Yoga Alliance accredited and internationally recognised 300 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is for teachers ready to embrace a more profound understanding of the power of Yoga practices. It is for those who are looking to immerse themselves in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation through yoga, community and meditation.

We will be building on your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training foundation as we delve deeper into yogic philosophy and learn how we can implement them into our lives off the mat. At the end of the course you would have picked up skills and knowledge required on the path to becoming a better yoga teacher.  

A 200 hour yoga teacher training is about learning to be comfortable in the role of the teacher, and knowing how to intelligently construct a class useful to your students, and to instruct that class safely. In a 300 hour yoga teacher training we step off from that basis and begin to explore further. There is no end to that exploration.

A 300 hour yoga teacher training is not about more complexity. It is about more clarity.


If you feel that you are ready to take that next step and become a RYT500 certified yoga teacher,  then this course is for you!

Join Asia Pacific Yoga on our New Zealand 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from 7 Oct - 1 Nov 2024 in the beautiful lakeside town of Taupo, New Zealand.

For those of you that have not completed a 200 hour teacher training with us I would like to let you know a little of what we prioritise on our trainings.
On this 300 hour teacher training you will practise together and teach each other a large variety of essential yoga practices receiving constructive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. 
You will practice and have the opportunity to :

Create Hatha Vinyasa sequences that aims toward teaching a creative, safe and balanced 75 minute class.
Share a 30 minute Pranayama class.

Teach a 45-60 minute Yin yoga class.
Lead a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra.
Offer a 5-15 minute educational presentation on a yoga topic of your choice.


When you leave the training you would have :

Practiced together the fundamental aspects of what we feel are the yoga practices which are relevant to the needs of your future students. 
Understand why these practices are relevant, why they work if you like.
Know these practices from the inside out (this is EMBODIMENT).
Have the confidence to share what you know that have assistes you toward a daily balanced life.

We create a very down to earth, neuro-physiological yoga teacher training with respect to the vast unknown that constantly draws us deeper and deeper into MAGIC.

Keeping it REAL but ready to FLY.

Date : 7 Oct - 1 Nov 2024 (26 days)
Venue : Luxury Accommodation in Lake Taupo, New Zealand
Tuition, Manuals and 25 Nights Accommodation :
Shared Room : NZD5,000
No Accommodation : NZD4,000
Self-catering as meals are not included

We are offering an early bird price (book before 1 July 2024) of NZD$4,700 for on site and NZD$3,700 for off site.
Past Asia Pacific Yoga students will also enjoy early bird prices, regardless of when they book. 

Why Train With Asia Pacific Yoga

Here at Asia Pacific Yoga, we strive to create immersive, expansive and transformational experiences that you will not forget. Our 300 hour teacher training will have a maximum of 8 students. Each student will get the maximum benefit out of the teacher training and the proper attention they deserve.  

Our New Zealand 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is about 
consolidating the following key understandings.


On this course we will flow through, into and around these concepts. Weaving them together integrating Anatomy, Physiology, Philosophy, Cosmology and Energy systems. Binding them with familiar and new experiential practices.

New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training Piha
Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Graduation Ceremony
Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Taupo NZ
Lake Taupo Mountains
Mt Tauhara Lake taupo sunset
Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Taupo NZ
Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Taupo
New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

Course Topics

  • Asana Methodology : Break down poses to correct common bad habits and alignments as well as the language used to communicate them
  • Intelligent Sequencing and Theming : Learn how to sequence a class intelligently and thoughtfully, using creative inspiring theme-based classes
  • Modifications for Injuries : Explore different modifications for common injuries such as wrist, knees, ankles, lower back, shoulders and neck
  • Yin Yoga : Understand the principles of yin yoga, how it differs to other styles of yang yoga, its physical and energetic benefits and how to sequence and teach a yin class
  • Restorative Yoga : Know the difference between yin and restorative and the props required for the practice
  • Yoga Nidra : Learn the science behind this extremely beneficial yogic sleep and the scripts to teach a deeply regenerative yoga nidra or guided meditation
  • Pregnancy Yoga : Be familiar with the changes happening in a pregnant women’s body and modifications to suit pregnant women throughout the different trimesters
  • Advanced Pranayama : Experience another level of breath work with daily pranayama exercises
  • Meditation : Discover different methods of getting into a meditative state
  • Yoga History and Philosophy : Go in depth into the ancient philosophical principals of the Yoga Sutras. Recognise how the 8 Limbs can be applied to our lives
  • Chakras : Focus on the psychic developmental map and the power of self transformation that Chakras theory can assist
  • Vayus and Koshas : Study more about these yoga systems and understand how Prana condenses into the physical body and sustains itself
  • Applied Yoga Anatomy and Physiology : Dive deep into all systems of the body especially musculo-skeletal, cardio vascular, the PSNS and Fascia
  • Styles of Yoga : Understanding the different genres of yoga practiced in the western world such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, etc
  • Mindfulness and Personal Development : Learn life changing tools and exercises to raise your vibration and help you lead the life you desire
  • Ayurveda : Find out your doshas (constitutions) and how to keep your body balanced based on what type of dosha (vata, pitta or kapha) you are
  • Mantra and Kirtan : Enjoy devotional practices through music and mantra

What Makes Us Special

  • Every student gets lots of attention because we keep our groups small – no more than 8 people
  • Our YTTs are held in amazing tranquil locations close to nature and with easy access to the lake
  • Students get to live and practice yoga in a warm, spacious, luxurious holiday home overlooking the Lake
  • We cook and eat together
  • An immersive, transformational experience in a safe, supportive environment with like-minded people
  • Deepen your practice with daily advance yoga, meditation, pranayama and workshops
  • Learn extra skills for teaching yin yoga, pregnancy yoga, yoga nidra and pranayama
  • Expand your knowledge with daily lectures on yoga philosophy, anatomy, chakras and much more
  • Get comfortable with giving and receiving adjustments
  • Plenty of opportunity for you to practice teaching what you are learning
  • Reasonable and affordable

What's Included in Your 300YTT

  • 26 nights accommodation in a Luxury Holiday Home in Lake Taupo, the largest lake in Australasia
  • Course and Asana manuals
  • Daily advanced yoga practices of asana, pranayama, kriyas and meditation 
  • Dive deeper into philosophy, anatomy, chakras and much more
  • Individual teaching feedback
  • Accredited RYT300 Yoga Alliance certification upon graduation
  • Free unlimited wifi so you can still keep in touch with your loved ones
  • A beautiful (and most often emotional!) graduation ceremony
  • A fun and transformational experience that you won’t forget! 


Steve Hall Tahiti New Zealand Yoga Teacher Trainer

Steve Hall
(E-RYT500) (RYT200 Kundalini)

Steve has over 15 years of yoga experience and has been involved with yoga trainings for 6 years. He has taught over 11,000 hours of classes and has the highest  Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 classification, as well as being a 200 hour Yoga Alliance trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and an Aerial Yoga Teacher.

Steve has studied and practiced many styles of Asana, mainly Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Hatha, and Power Yoga. Steve teaches in New Zealand, Thailand, Bali, Spain, London and Pakistan. He has a relaxed but thorough style of teaching and a passion for Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy.


Joleen Lunjew

Joleen is a dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner passionate about encouraging and inspiring people to be the best they can be through movement, breath, wellness, diet and a holistic approach to life. She enjoys seeing her students progress physically, mentally and emotionally as they journey with her.

Joleen has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and currently has a very strong daily Ashtanga practice. She teachers Ashtanga (Mysore style and LED), Hatha Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. She is also a certified Les Mills Body Balance instructor. Joleen’s strength would be her calmness and grace and that she brings to her classes.

Malcolm Nicholls

Malcolm Nicholls

Our dear friend Malcolm is our Anatomy teacher, a practicing myofascial release and integration therapist. 

Malcolm has been on several of our New Zealand trainings and had also been working on Bali trainings with Steve for 5 years now. Malcolm’s understanding of the wholistic, integrated body and “feel it rather than know about it” approach is a door opener for many of the students on our Asia Pacific Yoga trainings. 


This New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training in Lake Taupo is a vegetarian self-catering experience. Students buy their own food and cook for themselves or collectively.

Meals are a fun and educational communal time together. We like to kick start the communal cooking by cooking dinner for everyone for the first two nights. Students will usually sort their own breakfasts and lunches, and volunteer in turns or in pairs to cook for the group for subsequent nights.

Groups are mostly conscious of other students dietary requirements and have always managed to create amazing meals that everyone can eat. It’s a great way to try something you’ve never eaten before, learn new recipes and experience different culinary flavours from various parts of the world.   

Taupo town is only 10 minutes drive away with plenty of supermarkets and health stores to stock up from, and cafes and restaurants to explore for lunch. Typically students budget around NZ$150-$200 for the 3 weeks.

Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo
Asia Pacific Yoga Meal YTT Taupo

Luxury Taupo Accommodation

You will be staying in a beautiful luxury holiday home nestled amongst beautiful native trees and nature at the end of a quiet private driveway in a prestigious Taupo subdivison. Relax and take in spectacular views across Lake Taupo, the largest lake in Australasia, Taupo township, geothermal areas, rolling farmland and distant mountains. 

This luxuriously warm, spacious four bedroom residence is truly a luxury yoga training and retreat experience. With spacious living, kitchen and dining areas, there are plenty of spaces for our yogi family to practice and learn and grow in.

Wake up to daily morning yoga in the large open plan living with the sounds of birds and nature outside. With an expansive sun-soaked sheltered courtyard and large open decks, there are plenty of quiet spaces to chill and relax during the breaks.

On beautiful still nights, there is the opportunity to soak in the twinkling lights of the Milky Way. A breathtaking experience indeed.

Our yogi house is only 10 - 15 mins away from the Taupo town centre. Linen and towels are supplied with laundry facilities. Unlimited wifi included.

Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Rooms
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Rooms
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Rooms
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Rooms
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7
Asia Pacific Yoga Taupo Accomodation 7

About Lake Taupo

At the heart of New Zealand’s central volcanic plateau sits the largest freshwater lake in Australasia, Lake Taupo, the great inland sea of New Zealand.  

This huge, shining expanse of water, moving between aquamarine blue and jade green, is crystal-clear to a depth of 13 metres. It is home to one of the best wild trout fisheries in the world, more than 30 species of water bird, several types of native fish and native kōura (crayfish).

Taupo is a place of extraordinary natural beauty – a vast, sparkling lake, trout-filled rivers, ancient lush forests, steaming geothermal zones and towering snow-blanketed mountains. 

The crystal-clear freshwater of Lake Taupo draws visitors to the town to swim and sunbathe, kayak, fish, enjoy family activities or soak up the atmosphere in the town’s many lakeside restaurants and bars. Further out, there are national and forest parks, natural hot springs, and adventure activity bases, including whitewater rafting, sky-diving and bungy-jumping.

For more information visit Taupo’s Visitor Information site.

Getting To Taupo

Taupo is centrally located in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand, about 3 ½ hours’ drive from Auckland and 4 ½ hours’ drive from Wellington. Daily buses are available from most towns in New Zealand or you could opt to fly to Taupo Airport from Auckland or Wellington. We can pick you up from the Taupo bus stop or Airport. See Getting to Taupo.


We know deciding to embark on a YTT is very exciting so we have compiled a list of FAQs for all your burning questions.  

Contact Us

Email : asiapacificyoga@gmail.com
WhatsApp Joleen : +64225800523
Call Steve : +64276097039
Find us on Facebook  - Asia Pacific Yoga
Follow us on Instagram - @Asiapacificyoga

Book Your Spot

Book online to secure your spot with a NZD500 deposit in the widget below / beside or click here if you can't see the widget on your mobile.
Our Trybooking system accepts Master Card, Visa and American Express (+1.1% for AMEX).

Trybooking Visa Master Card AMEX

Other Payment Options

Your NZD500 deposit can also be paid via Paypal or bank transfer to a New Zealand bank.
If you choose to pay via an international transfer, we like to use Transferwise as their rates are very low.

Contact Steve at +64276097039 or email  asiapacificyoga@gmail.com for account details.

Paypal Transferwise

Refund Policy

We understand that emergencies do happen. We are happy to fully refund you your deposit if you inform us 30 days before the training starts.

If the 30 days have passed, we are happy to transfer your deposit to secure your spot for a future YTT date.

Suggested Reading List

For Yoga Philosophy -“The Heart of Yoga” – Desikichar – Son of Krisnamacharya
For Meditation - “Buddhism Plain and Simple” – Steve Hagen
For Anatomy - “Key Muscles of Yoga” - Ray Long
For Asana - "Yoga Sequencing" – Mark Stevens

If you are very interested in anatomy, download this great app which is such a good learning tool.

Student Testimonials

“Amazing 300 Hour Teacher Training. This teacher training was more than I could have ever imagined. Steve and Joleen are not only incredibly knowledgable, but extraordinarily kind, caring, and compassionate. You can truly feel the passion they both share of yoga and teaching. Seriously, I cannot imagine being in better hands for any level of teacher training, whether it is your 200hr or 300hr! The discussions and lectures held were not only informative, but stimulating and entertaining. The daily practices were absolutely beautiful as well. I cannot rave about this school enough!”

Paisley Oshea, California, United StatesMarch 2020 Rotorua, New Zealand 300 YTT

“This 300 hour teacher training experience was fantastic! I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to learn and practice more. The teachers Steve and Joleen are amazing people – so knowledgeable – they are real professionals, also very kind and open hearted! I’ve learnt so much during this training about theory, philosophy, anatomy and more. Practical part was on the highest level!

This course really helped to find the ways to improve our yoga teaching skills and learn how to apply them to practice in the best way. The location of the training was amazing – beautiful nature, just stunning. Accommodation was great. Everything all together made this experience unforgettable for me. I enjoyed every moment of it!! I would definitely recommend Asia Pacific Yoga to anyone!!!”

Darya Lentz, Maryland, United StatesMarch 2020 Rotorua, New Zealand 300 YTT

“I am SO grateful to have shared these three weeks with Steve and Joleen at Asia Pacific Yoga (and our wonderful yogi family)! They created such a welcoming, warm, and ever-curious environment - laughing with us, sharing their knowledge, welcoming our endless questions! Both Steve and Joleen have such a breadth of experience and knowledge. I absolutely loved that they had us teaching sections of classes from week 1 of the course, and that we had the opportunity to teach public classes in groups of three. This was such a wonderful way to break down the fear of teaching, and to start to get us used to it! The house we stayed in was so perfect too, with plenty of space and heated floors for the chilly Taupo nights! Not to mention the unbelievable views of the lake. So many things clicked for me during this YTT. Thanks Steve and Joleen for creating a better course than I could have ever dreamed.”

Helen Griffiths, United KingdomMay 2020 YTT Taupo, New Zealand