Asia Pacific Yoga Student Testimonials

Asia Pacific Yoga Student Testimonials

Here are some testimonials by Asia Pacific Yoga students who have completed their 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in New Zealand, Tahiti and Bali. These reviews were posted on BookYogaRetreats.comYou can also check out our reviews on Yoga Alliance.

Review by Christina Totina from Bulgaria 

June 2019 YTT, Waipu Northland NZ

Read Christina Totina from Bulgaria’s blog titled My journey to becoming a yoga teacher  about her experience on Asia Pacific Yoga’s June 2019 Yoga Teacher Training in Waipu, Northland, New Zealand.

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Helen Griffiths review

“I am SO grateful to have shared these three weeks with Steve and Joleen at Asia Pacific Yoga (and our wonderful yogi family)! They created such a welcoming, warm, and ever-curious environment – laughing with us, sharing their knowledge, welcoming our endless questions! Both Steve and Joleen have such a breadth of experience and knowledge. I absolutely loved that they had us teaching sections of classes from week 1 of the course, and that we had the opportunity to teach public classes in groups of three. This was such a wonderful way to break down the fear of teaching, and to start to get us used to it! The house we stayed in was so perfect too, with plenty of space and heated floors for the chilly Taupo nights! Not to mention the unbelievable views of the lake. So many things clicked for me during this YTT. Thanks Steve and Joleen for creating a better course than I could have ever dreamed.”

Helen Griffiths, United KingdomMay 2020 YTT Taupo, New Zealand
Jessie Metzler review

“This teacher training was magnificent. The house in Taupo was luxurious and warm. The other trainees were wonderful people. And Steve and Joleen were fantastic! Their approach is strategic and well-executed – you start teaching from the second day and by the end of the 3rd week, you are more than ready and equipped to teach a 60 min yoga class. They had so much knowledge to share, and I am a better person for taking this teacher training. It was fun learning, growing and cooking with this group! I have been a yogi for about 10+ years now, and no matter how much or how little yoga experience you have, this training is for you. Highly recommend!”

Jessie Metzler, Pittsburg, United StatesMay 2020 YTT Taupo, New Zealand
Testimonials Asia Pacific Yoga Paisley

“This teacher training was more than I could have ever imagined. Steve and Joleen are not only incredibly knowledgable, but extraordinarily kind, caring, and compassionate. You can truly feel the passion they both share of yoga and teaching. Seriously, I cannot imagine being in better hands for any level of teacher training, whether it is your 200hr or 300hr! The discussions and lectures held were not only informative, but stimulating and entertaining. The daily practices were absolutely beautiful as well. I cannot rave about this school enough!”

Paisley Oshea, California, United StatesMarch 2020 Rotorua, New Zealand 300 YTT
Testimonials Asia Pacific Yoga Darya

“This teacher training experience was fantastic! I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to learn and practice more. The teachers Steve and Joleen are amazing people – so knowledgeable – they are real professionals, also very kind and open hearted! I’ve learnt so much during this training about theory, philosophy, anatomy and more. Practical part was on the highest level!

This course really helped to find the ways to improve our yoga teaching skills and learn how to apply them to practice in the best way. The location of the training was amazing – beautiful nature, just stunning. Accommodation was great. Everything all together made this experience unforgettable for me. I enjoyed every moment of it!! I would definitely recommend Asia Pacific Yoga to anyone!!!”

Darya Lentz, Maryland, United StatesMarch 2020 Rotorua, New Zealand 300 YTT
Liz Gareri Testimonial

“My partner and I had talked about doing our yoga teacher training for a long time. We both had done yoga on and off for about 8 years but there was something really drawing us in to learn more and immerse ourselves into a teacher training. A yearning to dedicate ourselves to something deep within us. We started looking to go to India or Bali but couldn’t find anything that fit for us or felt right. Eventually, upon further research, we came upon Asia Pacific Yoga and immediately we were feeling drawn towards their program.

The small class size and one-on-one setting was a huge win to find because that’s exactly what I was looking for. Something intimate, a place I could really learn in depth and not be within a room of 50-100 people. But I wanted to learn more about Steve and Joleen so I looked online at their profiles and watched their info videos to learn more about them. I also asked to see the syllabus of the program and they were the only teachers up to this point that sent a detailed syllabus and discussed it with me in depth! It was really amazing to see that before even signing up they were open to discussing how they structured the program and happily answer my millions of questions. Their humbled and very calm nature was evident and really shined through across the inter webs so I knew this was who I wanted for teachers.

We were travelling in Indonesia when we signed up and New Zealand was coming up soon on our destination list. When we arrived, Steve and Joleen picked us up in Auckland in their car even though the training was in Piha! As we walked towards them, they were waving at us from across the road with huge smiles and open arms for a big hug. It really felt like meeting friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Honestly the entire training felt like this. Our friends coming over everyday to teach us new, detailed information and ready to answer every question. Everyday I soaked in just enough information for my brain’s capacity with room for joy and laughter. Their authenticity is apparent and they have a lot of incredible knowledge and experience to share. Steve and Joleen teach and live every moment with their hearts. I had never had teacher’s that taught and honestly lived what they taught. They embody yoga in a way that’s unique from the mainstream. It’s going on a journey to the truth of what yoga is and that leads to learning more about everything – including yourself.

Liz Gareri, CanadaNov 2019 Piha, New Zealand 200 YTT

“Steve and Joleen really compliment each other – flowing seamlessly between theory and application of learning. I felt so supported to explore my own curiosity in asana, pranayama, everything! They made teaching feel natural and fun, right from the get go. The small class size makes it very intimate and they didn’t seem to mind endless questions…! I will be looking forward to a 300hr training with Steve and Joleen in the future.”

Chloe Brinson, Motueka, New ZealandJune 2019 YTT, Waipu Northland

“I had such a wonderful experience at this course. Steve and Joleen are super nurturing supportive instructors. They have put so much thought and care into the course. At the opening circle on the first night we were welcomed and introduced. We were presented with a beautiful greenstone necklace each which was so unexpected but really was a peek into the course to come.

All aspects of training was covered thoughtfully and throughly. We got the work covered but there was always time for laughter and personal stories relevant to the subject being covered. I think we would all agree we came away with a sense of personal growth. This course developed me as a yoga teacher and as a person.

Steve is super intelligent and you can see he just loves to help develop people and share his knowledge. Joleen is so sweet and calm such a beautiful instructor to watch and learn from.

The house is located in a great spot in Piha we could hear and see the sea during our yoga practise. At lunch time I always ran along the beach , or to the waterfall. To be in such a beautiful environment was so special! The local store is less than a 5 min walk and does a great coffee. Watching Sunsets on the beach as a group was a highlight for me. Thank you Steve and Joleen I feel incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity.”

Miriam Bielski, Timaru, New ZealandMay 2019 Piha, New Zealand YTT

“EVERYTHING! I can not say enough amazing things about Steve and Joleen. The program they run is truly excellent. I feel 100% prepared to train others in yoga. Steve and Joleen not only taught me so much but they made me feel like family. They are truly genuine people who want to help you improve. I am ready to do a 300-YTT with them!”

Samantha Bertomen, California, United States of AmericaMay 2019 Piha New Zealand YTT

“The course was delivered in a very practical thorough way. Steve and Joleen are both extremely good facilitators, they have a calm relaxing manner coupled with a lovely sense of humour. I came away strongly feeling that yoga is a practice for ‘all’ and that there are many options for teaching people of all levels. The venue at Piha was perfect, being able to walk down to the beautiful beach or up to the stunning waterfall was a real highlight. 10 out of 10 from me..”

Lyn Crean, Canterbury, New ZealandMay 2019 Piha New Zealand YTT

“Steve and Joleen are the best!! They welcomed us into a relaxing retreat setting through the location and accommodations, as well as through their attention to cultivating our growth as teachers step by step.

The training sessions were packed with learning and growth, but they made sure we got our nature time with a simple walk to the beach or to the nearby waterfall. It is apparent that Steve and Joleen are generous in sharing their expertise, their time, and their hearts as they did just that with each of us. I’m so grateful I picked this training with Asia Pacific Yoga!!”

Sarah Zeltman, Ohio, United States of AmericaMay 2019 Piha New Zealand YTT

“Steve and Joleen from the very start created this nourishing and safe learning environment one doesn’t get to experience often as a student. There were no cheesy icebreakers as a way to get to know everyone- it all felt very organic which is just the way I like it with new people! No force.

Steve’s extensive knowledge and passion for the human body paired with Joleen’s playful teaching style were the perfect compliments to our jam-packed extensive days. One thing that really stood out was they had us teaching on the very first day, which I loved! There was no intimidating build-up towards the one thing we came here for- to teach. Watching everyone grow with this hands-on approach to learning was pretty magical- personalities came out and everyone quickly developed their own style.

I’m not usually one for schedules, so I must say the experience was the perfect balance of planned lecture/activities and spontaneously inspired tangents and workshops. They were extremely accommodating towards our needs, interests, and energy levels. Not to mention – the house is a ten minute walk from the beach and one of the most magical waterfall hikes.

The entire experience was mind and heart-opening.. the perfect combination of a well-rounded education, human connection, and re-connecting with nature. It was more than just a yoga teacher training- it was an experience that I’ll never forget.”

Stephanie Osborne, Florida, United States of AmericaMay 2019 Piha New Zealand YTT

“Steve provides a safe space where he allows you to grow at your own pace. It was the most amazing experience I could have dreamed of. Walking away from the training made me a little sad because I didn’t want it to end. Steve is a truly awesome human, he introduced us to some amazing teachers on the training who shared with us their styles and forms of teaching, I walk away with a cup overflowing yet I know this is just the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who attended, teaches and students, I am forever grateful and looking forward to bumping into some of you in the future. I would highly recommend this program to everyone. With abundance of love and light Namaste 🙏”

Tatjana Lukic, Gore, New ZealandNov 2018 Piha New Zealand YTT

“In short, I had a wonderful training experience filled with learning and laughter. Steve is a fantastic, hilarious, insanely knowledgeable teacher, who is full of surprises and support. He is committed to helping his trainees flourish and to bring our their individual abilities, with warmth and professionalism.

Piha is a gorgeous pocket of natural beauty, and a luxury was being able to take a quiet stroll to the beach which was only 5 minutes walk from the house. The accommodation was more than comfortable, and we enjoyed the flexibility of cooking for ourselves – having fun with creating healthy wholesome food.

I found the dynamic and energy of the whole experience incredibly nourishing. We were taught what we needed to know, and to teach safely – no more and no less – which is the best that you can expect from a 200 hour training.”

Emma Jacobs, AustraliaOct 2018 Piha New Zealand YTT