Yogi Sisters For Life

Yogi Sisters For Life

APY Lotus Tattoo
Lotus Tattoo

Yogi Sisters For Life

One thing we love about yoga teacher trainings are the lasting bonds of friendship formed. 

And for 7 girls on the last training, they will be bonded for life in ink as they all got matching beautiful lotus tattoos. The girls are showing off their tatts in the pic above. 

The idea came about when during the opening ceremony, all of us brought in an an element of nature into our sacred space as an offering. Jasmine chose a small branch of leaves which had 9 leaves on it, inevitably representing the 9 students on the training.  

Grace (who was a tattoo virgin btw!) drew a draft design of it with input from the rest of the girls and the tattoo artist tidied the design up. The result was a beautiful lotus flower with 9 buds below it.

Certainly a souvenir for the rest of their lives.

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