Asia Pacific Yoga Workshops & Events

Asia Pacific Yoga Workshops & Events

Yoga events and yoga workshops are a great way to dive deeper into your yoga practice. It’s a great way to get re-inspired, especially if you’ve hit a plateau in your yoga practice. You get to learn interesting things, play with yoga, and dedicate a couple of precious hours to developing yourself and your own yoga practice.

Yoga workshops will usually have a specific focus where the teacher will break down certain concepts, postures, techniques or themes. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, explore the topic of learning and troubleshoot things that may arise.

Asia Pacific Yoga is happy to collaborate with yoga studios to conduct yoga events or yoga workshops of any topics of interest such as Pranayama, backbends, arm balances, inversions, hamstrings, adjustments, sequencing, partner yoga and much more. We are also happy to go to you if you have a group of people keen to delve deeper into a particular area of interest.

Asia Pacific Yoga Workshops & Events

FREE Yoga Classes

FREE Community Yoga Classes

Asia Pacific Yoga would like to invite you to a free yoga class taught by our yoga teacher trainees at Empower Fitness Taupo, Totara Shopping Centre.

These classes classes are open to all locals and visitors alike. The classes will be conducted as part of our current 200 hour yoga teacher training where our teacher trainees will lead you through a lovely Hatha Vinyasa class.

Class times are 11.30am – 12.30pm.

It would be their first time teaching to the public so hopefully you can come to support them ☺

Due to hygiene reasons, please bring your own mats if you have them. 

RSVP : Joleen at 022-5800523.

Beginners are welcome. 


Event : FREE Community Yoga Classes
Date : Saturday 3 Dec 2022
Time : 11.30am – 12.30pm 
Venue : Empower Fitness Taupo
Unit 26 Totara Street
Cost : FREE

New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training
Asia Pacific Yoga Mo'orea Tahiti Wellness & Detox Day

Wellness Day / Journée du bien-être

Join us for a well-being and detox day with morning yoga, a breathing workshop (pranayama) and an afternoon yin / restorative yoga and meditation session. A delicious detox breakfast and vegan lunch will be served by our chef Nathalie.

Rejoignez-nous pour une journée de bien-être avec un yoga matinal, un workshop sur la respiration et un après-midi de yoga et de méditation réparateur. Le délicieux déjeuner végétalien et le déjeuner seront servis par la chef Nathalie.

8.30am – Morning Yoga
10.00am – Detox Breakfast 
11.00am – Pranayama Workshop
1.00pm – Vegan Lunch & Relax
3.00pm – Yin/Restorative Yoga & Meditation
4.30pm – End

Event : Wellness Day
Date : Saturday 7 September 2019
Time : 8.30am – 4.30pm
Venue : Tahiti Beach House, Maharepa, Mo’orea
Cost : €80 / 10,000FCP

Call 87324694 for enquiries and location to the venue.

Vegan Chef Nathalie Lorenzo
Ashtanga Primary Series-Asia Pacific Yoga Workshop

Exploration of the Ashtanga Primary Series Workshop

Among the styles of yoga that is practiced today, Ashtanga Yoga is known to be the most rigorous, requiring plenty of discipline, strength, and determination. Ashtanga Yoga which means ‘Eight-Limbed Yoga’, is a practice developed by K Pattabhi Jois, a student of T. Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga.

Known for its quick pace and challenging postures, the ultimate purpose of the Ashtanga practice is to purify the body and mind. The practice begins with the physical poses, which are integral to improving your health, correcting imbalances and strengthening and stabilizing your body and mind.

Come and experience the foundations of the Ashtanga practice with Joleen Lunjew from Asia Pacific Yoga as you flow through the entire Ashtanga Primary Series sequence. Learn to move through quick transitions, linking each movement with breath (ujjayi) and focus points (drishtis). We will open the class with the traditional Ashtanga opening mantra and close the class with the closing mantra.

This is a vigorous and powerful 2 hour practice suited to those looking to build strength, power and purpose. Some yoga experience is recommended for this workshop.

Joleen (E-RYT200) has been practicing Ashtanga for more than a decade and teaches Ashtanga Led and Mysore style classes. She did her parampara (Ashtanga apprentice) with Sara (KPJAYI Level 2) and Fernando (KPJAYI Level 1) Pacheco in Canggu, Bali, and have practiced under established Ashtanga teachers such as Peter Sanson (KPJAYI Level 4), Kiri Sutherland (KPJAYI Level 2) and Andre from Ashtanga Yoga Auckland.

Workshop : Exploration of the Ashtanga Primary Series
Date : Saturday 10 August 2019
Time : 4 – 6pm
Venue : The Loft Studio, Whangarei
Cost : NZD5 early bird
            NZD5 24hours before event


Secret Life of Breath Workshop

The way we breathe affects EVERY system in the body. We can radically and positively influence all of our body’s systems by breathing in a more conscious, full and relaxed manner.
Pranayama is the branch of Yogic practice that deals specifically with the full and free delivery of oxygen to the cells and the maximisation of energy (Prana) available to maintain Homeostasis (aka a Sattvic state).
Join Asia Pacific Yoga lead teacher Steve Hall (E-RYT500) on a 2 hour experiential and educational journey into the anatomy and physiology of Breath.
We will follow the journey of that vital nutrient Oxygen from the environment, into the lungs and into the cells. This action is largely unconscious for most people, yet it requires a complex co-ordination of several bodily systems. 
The Nervous system (Autonomic and Somatic)
Musculo-skeletal system
Respiratory system
Cardio-vascular system
A simple understanding of these systems can profoundly alter the awareness, respect and gratitude that we give them to support their functioning.
From this workshop you will take away a set of exercises for your personal practice that is aimed at changing your breathing habits and improving the quality of your life. Experience and see how we can breathe more fully and with more relaxation.

This workshop is open to all levels of practice. 

Steve has studied Yoga Asana practices and Pranayama for over 30 years. He has advanced Hatha Yoga training (E-RYT500) and is also certified as a Yoga Alliance RYT200 Kundalini teaching. Steve has also trained in Breath Release therapies (Primal and Rebirthing) and the Buteyko and Wim Hoff methods.

Workshop : Secret Life of Breath
Date : Sunday 11 August 2019
Time : 1pm – 3pm
Venue : The Loft Studio, Whangarei
Cost : NZD$25 early bird
            NZD$35 24hours before event

Pranayama Breath
Asia Pacific Yoga Karekare Community Yoga Class

Koha Community Yoga in Karekare/Piha

We just love sharing our passion for wellness so come along every Wednesday for a koha community yoga class at the lovely all faith Satyavan Temple on Farm Road in Karekare. 

The 75 – 90 min class will be led by either Steve Hall or Joleen Lunjew, or both of us. Depending on who shows up, we might take you through some pranayama, slow hatha flow or a dynamic vinyasa flow. Expect something different every week!

Class is koha so give whatever you feel like. We are just grateful that we can share what we love with the community.

Mats and blocks are provided so just bring yourself. Hope to see you at the Temple. Google map location to the Satyavan Temple.

Event : Koha Community Yoga
Date : Wednesdays
Time : 5-6.30pm
Venue : Satyavan Temple, Farm Road, Karekare
The first left turn after 122 Lone Kauri Road
Cost : Koha (Donation)

The Temple Community Yoga Karekare

Asia Pacific Yoga Teachers

Steve Hall Tahiti New Zealand Yoga Teacher Trainer

Steve Hall

As a curious and open person, Steve is always seeking more yogic experiences and eager to expand his knowledge.

Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Joleen

Joleen Lunjew

Joleen enjoys seeing her students progress physically, mentally and emotionally as they journey with her. 

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We hope to have the pleasure of sharing in your ever growing yoga education. 

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