Bali Yoga Philosophy – Yoga and Belief

Bali Yoga Philosophy – Yoga and Belief

Bali yoga philosophy

Yoga and belief – The power of perception shift

Bali yoga philosophy for me is all embracing, everything that can be seen and experienced is worthy of investigation.

Bruce Lipton, (Featured in the movie THE SECRET), one of the worlds leading epigeneticists, turned notions of cell biology around when he concluded that genes DO NOT determine health …. rather they are simply a blueprint that is triggered by in part environment … but most importantly by PERCEPTION.

Yoga practise at its more subtle levels is all about PERCEPTION and belief. I am often astounded at what human beings are capable of believing.. living within, and acting out of . Including myself !!

I was lucky enough to meet Bruce in New Zealand. He told me a fact that astounded me, and has so ever since.

Your body contains 50 – 70 trillion cells. I will repeat that … Your body contains 50 – 70 trillion cells

These all have their own tiny lives, decisions and needs within the ecosystem under our skin. They all support each other and are in communication with each other through your nervous system. When there is an imbalance or illness in your body ALL the cells and organs attempt to rectify this. One huge collaborative team effort. Within this lies hope. Hope that if 50-70 trillion organisms can relate and exist in balance, then perhaps 6 billion can learn to do the same on the earth.

When we practise Asana, Pranayama and Meditation we are tuning in, through an ever quietening nervous system, to the universe that we embody. This simple dedicated act is enough, over time, to reveal to ourselves all that we ever needed to now about our world and our place within it.

If we can respect and learn a little more as to  how 50-70 trillion organisms live together, perhaps we can learn to live and respect ourselves a little more and other beings around us.

The key? Perception and belief. These precipitate action. Remember only 400 years ago everyone believed the world was flat and the universe revolved around it. That would make US, human beings VERY important wouldn’t it? Unfortunatly we are actually spinning around the outer edges of one of the smaller galaxies far from the centre of anything … the word FAR there is about as understated as you can imagine.

Have a look at your perceptions and beliefs from time to time…. the ones that you hold for yourself, others people, other beings and the universe. See if they line up with what you really see.

Bali yoga philosophy

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