Yoga massage

Yoga massage


Yoga Massage

Yoga massage -I often say, tongue in cheek, “Massage is yoga for lazy people” … . As a massage therapist, spa trainer and certified yoga teacher, the comment is a compliment to both practices.bali yoga retreats yoga massage

Massage and Yoga both assist the process of bringing our attention into our body and grounding our awareness into the present moment.

True well being includes a sense of connection with self, purpose and community.

It is no wonder that  two businesses that are flourishing in the world today through sheer demand are the spreading of Yogic practices and Spa pacific yoga bali yoga retreats

In her ground breaking book “The Continuum Concept” anthropologist Dr. Jean Liedloff, from her study of Indigenous South American Indians. observed the fundamental connection between touch and  well being – mental stability, joy, and a sense of belonging,

Her conclusion?

Touch is one of the most  powerful ingredients to the wellness soup.

Yoga Massage goes well beyond a treat or a pampering, stimulating the lymphatic system, breaking down holding patterns in soft tissue etc.

Yes massage does all this but it is a fundamental right and need that our bodies are touched from head to toe. Yoga Massage releases endorphins that allow muscle tendons and ligament to let go and find a deeper level of relaxation and feel great. Touch draws our awareness into and around our body like a long tactile yoga nidra.


When you are next massaged try this little mediation.

Consciously go on a journey around your body, journeying with the therapists hands. Listen to your constant even breath, release a little more with every exhale, and feel the obvious and subtle energy moving in your body. This a powerful practise for breath and body awareness, and a nice focus to stay  awake, where we often fall unconscious.  Not that there is anything with that during a massage!!

Yoga practise and Massage both help us to recognize the parts of our unique bodies that are prone to storing tension and help us to release that tension.

Essentially most of us are looking to relax. To breathe move and relate with our world in a more relaxed manner. Allowing our lives to flow in accordance with our purpose and the natural order of the universe.

If relaxing your soft tissues and relaxing the “fist” of the mind are in your current life goals, a very practical place to start is by getting on a yoga mat and a massage table regularly.

When we are relaxed and flowing, life happens around us in beautiful ways that we could never have predicted.bali yoga retreats yoga massage


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