Yoga, Perception, Perspective, Awareness

Yoga, Perception, Perspective, Awareness

Yoga, Perception, Perspective, Awareness

I watched this TED talk …

Its on you tube under My Stroke of Insight

Jill shares her experience of having to cope with half of her brain experiencing a stroke, and how that related to her perception of the experience and subsequent recovery.

It is a fascinating self study into the nature of the hemispheres of the brain and their related cognitive functions.

It gave a neurophysiological insight into why meditation does what it dies.

Yoga Perspective to me isn’t so much following Yamas and Niyamas, the do’s and don’ts of yoga philosophy. Although these are fair and reasonable ways to proceed through life, and to treat oneself and others. They also assist a calm state to explore.

Yoga is an exploration in consciousness.

Yoga practises strengthen our sense of awareness. We practise awareness of breath and sensations through pranayama and asana. With a stronger sense of “awareness” we can begin to be aware of “what is aware”.

Many yoga practises are very clever tricks if you like …  conjuring ourselves into a more present state. A yogi if you like is a self conjurer … or one who can co-conjure others. Over time we learn the practises that are most beneficial to our particular psychology and personalities. Everybody is different therefore yoga practise is ultimately a completely individual journey, toward a sense of connectedness.

This is not a WAY of thinking… it is a PLACE of neural activity that already has a connected and intergrated intelligence. In other words there is nothing to be learnt, it is already precoded. We just have to access the vault. Within the labyrinth of yoga practises there are many tools for the individual to find the ways of accessing these deeper, non delineated and non specific mind wave functions.

An interesting perspective on this is found in this woman’s experience.

Yoga, perception, perspective,  awareness

Keep exploring

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